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Week 1 - July 1st! - The Fun Begins!

Erin Logan | 02 July, 2021

            Week 1 - July 1st! - The Fun Begins!

Hello Fam! 

I am so excited for the first official start of Flawless Skincare & Fashion Statements. As you can see I have taken pictures to help track my progress. I will not be changing anything about my diet with this 30 day journey because I want to show you guys true results! (Bring on the candy! ) 

  Since today is day 1, I only have pictures from this morning. Next week I will post pictures from the whole week so you all can see the daily changes. My fashion statement piece I've chosen today are my Shea Butta Summa Earrings (seasonal item!) in the color - Multicolor. I love the bold colors and I felt they were a perfect choice for  a make up free day. 
If you want to join in on my 30 day journey head over to GoBeautifull now and shop her whole skincare line. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Don't forget to use code 'E25' to receive 25% off your total purchase! 
Until Next Time, 
Erin J 😃 

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