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Erin Logan | 15 July, 2021

            Week 3 - I SEE THE CHANGE!


Hey guys! 

So as the title states I am seeing changes! My skin is clearing up and I. AM. LOVING. IT! So far the break out on my forehead is clearing up. The pimple on my cheek is GONE and my skin overall feels soft and smooth. I definitely recommend using the full line of products from GoBeautifull twice a day. Even with me wearing make up multiple times with some of the HOTTEST days in July so far my skin is flourishing, as you can see from the video below. 

Not only am I excited about this but with my birthday exactly 32 days away I couldn't be more excited to see my skin starting to glow! 

This week's fashion statement is comfortably chic! I decided to try out my new Chain Link Hoop earrings to give you all an honest review on how they feel. I paired them with a plain black tank top, my favorite colorful comic-like print skirt and my Quilted Boss Bag in Ivory. (Not Pictured) While gold is my all time fav, I decided to try out the silver hoops today instead. The hoops do have some weight to them however they aren't too heavy or feel like they are weighting down my ears at all. Especially with me running errands, and taking my mask on and off every time I get in and out the car, sometimes too much weight from your earrings can cause a headache. 

All in all, if I had to rate these earrings I would give them a 8 out of 10. Definitely worth the money and definitely a must have on dress down days. 

Check out my latest pictures below and links to GoBeautifull and my fabulous accessories for this week. 

Chain link Hoops:

Quilted Boss Bag:


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standing with full skirt
selfie with silver hoops








Thanks for Reading! 

Erin J 


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