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Week 4 — I Can Skin Clearly Now!

Erin Logan | 22 July, 2021

            Week 4 — I Can Skin Clearly Now!


That’s all I can say right now about my skin! I have been watching my skin change over the past four weeks from having breaks and pimples like crazy to smooth, clear, and bright skin! I absolutely love the results! Even with me skipping the complete routine one night and using the Facial Gel Cleanser and the Night Cream, my skin is still glowing and I’m in love! What I really enjoy about this skincare line is that, it’s gentle on my skin. I haven’t had an allergic reaction to any of the products so far and I’m loving it. Below is what my skin looks like today since starting this journey. 

As you can see I still have some blemishes but no where near as many as I started with. 


I also want to highlight this week’s Fashion Statement looks. I am featuring two looks this week to show off two similar yet different styles. The first is more modest with my Flower Headwrap and my Shea Butta Summa Earrings to really showcase the colors in my skirt.

My next look is a little more outgoing. I am wearing my I Have Time earrings and I have paired it with my Quilted Boss Bag.  This chic look was cool and comfortable for the extremely hot day we were having. 

Both looks were comfortable, cool and chic. For more cool skirts check out the K.Lori Collection on my website for more styles to choose from. (Skirts pictured are not available.) 

Well this concludes this week’s blog! As usual if you’re ready to start your skincare journey check out GoBeautifull and use code: E25 for 25% off of you total purchase! Thank you for joining me this week and until next time, buh bye!!!! 

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