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3501 Black Horse Pike STE 530, 1004, Turnersville, New Jersey, 08012

About Us

W & W Galleria was created to allow women to express themselves. We've been in business for 5 years and started making and selling our jewelry and clothing in 2021. Before that we were a hair company making custom wigs. We know hair is completely different from jewelry and clothes but our core values remain the same. 


a picture of our core values


Here, we believe in treating yourself. We believe in being a little selfish. We know that sounds like a hard concept to accept but we believe every woman deserves to be a little selfish every now and again. You deserve to have beautiful clothes and jewelry that you can wear everyday. You deserve to have unique, handcrafted and comfortable clothes and jewelry that hasn't been made in a sweat shop in another country. You deserve to wear jewelry that also has the power to heal you and bring you peace. You deserve to be the AMAZING individual that we KNOW that you are. Here, we don't judge you, make you feel unworthy, or make you feel like you have to choose between being yourself or looking like someone else. 

Be Yourself. Be Your Beautiful, Amazing, Self. 

Thank You For Choosing Us and Allowing Us To Add To Your Beauty. 

Erin J, Owner of W & W Galleria