Our Story

When I first started W & W Galleria it was a hair company. I wanted to help women feel beautiful and express themselves freely. At the time I was making and customizing wigs and selling hair bundles. I chose hair because at the time it was something I was passionate about. I loved recreating different looks and playing with different hair colors. It gave me a way to express myself and my creativity. I was changing my hair so much and getting better at creating that I was encouraged to start selling hair, so I did. 

Weave And Wigs Galleria officially launched in 2018. I was so excited to get started showcasing to the world my creativity! Of course what we think and the reality is always two different things. Just like with any risk I faced challenges and struggles. When the pandemic hit these struggles and challenges grew, however I didn't give up. I still pushed my creativity to different limits to keep my business going. However after a while sales slowed to a stop and I was met with a decision, keep going or quit. If I'm being honest the idea of quitting was very attractive especially during a pandemic but instead I scrolled through Facebook and found something better, accessories. Another thing I'm passionate about.

So I decided to expand on the "Galleria" portion of our name and add fashion accessories to my online shop. Adding accessories worked out beautifully but I then encountered a new problem. Customers were confused by the name so instead of changing it all together, I shortened the name and rebranded to give us brand new look. Between the new look and the new addition of accessories, things were going great, however my passion for hair was no longer the same. I realized that my passion for hair was really just for me, not for sharing with others. 

This was a hard pill to swallow at the time because hair was what my business was originally created for. I wanted women to feel free to express themselves creatively. I realized with accessories I could still do that but I still felt like something was missing. It wasn't until I took a chance and created my first pair of earrings that I realized, "this is what I've been missing." 

February 2022 I made my first pair of earrings and I was so excited and amazed at how well they came out. I fell in love with creating again but this time, it was for other people to enjoy. 

This will to keep going inspired so many people around me to not give up and to be true to themselves. It inspired my family to take chances and join me in business. It birthed K. Lori Creations, my mother's clothing and handbag line. It inspired Blaque Dawg Fashions, my father's men's shirt line and I even inspired myself to keep trying and always stay true to myself. 

W & W Galleria was created to help and inspire women to keep trying, to be creative and to express ourselves in a way society has told us not to. Now W & W Galleria is doing those same things with our bright, unique and one of a kind jewelry and clothing for women and men. We created something for everyone, whether you're into healing crystals, rhinestones or just love being bold, colorful and bright. Our mission is to encourage everyone to treat themselves and say "why not?" 

This is just the beginning of what W & W Galleria can and will do. So to every customer who has shopped with us from the very beginning thank you for your continued support, it means the world to us. To every customer who is new here, welcome to our family! W & W Galleria used to mean Weave And Wigs Galleria but now W & W Galleria means Welcoming & Wonderful, Whimsical & Wondrous, Willful and Worthwhile. 

Our will to keep going was worth the while for us, we hope it's worth your while too.