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Citrine Bangles

Citrine is a crystal that puts a smile on your face. It has so many health benefits that often get overlooked. It encourages high, healthy self-esteem and self-confidence, and helps remove harmful tendencies. It allows you to accept criticism in a positive way in adopt a positive attitude. It is in concentration, easy depression and encourages inner calm and peace. It promotes joy, overcoming fear, and the sympathy anger. It has been known to minimize hot flashes and menstrual problems. It also can relieve constipation and reduce cellulite. With so many benefits why not treat yourself that not only makes your happy but also helps your body feel better. 

Jewelry should NOT be used in place of medical advice from a licensed physician.  Please seek professional medical help for all serious medical conditions. 

These Citrine Bangles come in a set of two. One is 3.5 inches round and one is 3 inches round. 

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