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Positive Intention Earrings

These beautiful crystal healing earrings are available in three kinds of crystals. Red Agate, which is used for strength and centering the root chakra. Lapis Lazuli, which is great for keeping an open mind and enlightenment. Tiger’s Eye, which is great for balancing the soul and creating luck. Each crystal also is great when blocking negative energy. 
Post backs are gold plated stainless steel. 

Before wearing these earrings it’s best to clear the energy or reset it’s energy for your personal use. This can be done with a piece of selenite crystal (which is self cleansing and self charging), sage smoke or palo santo smoke. (Please be careful when burning sage or palo santo. Only use in a well ventilated area, preferably outside. Do not leave smoking/burning sage or palo santo unattended.) 

After cleansing and resetting your crystal earrings, sit with them to charge them with your energy and intentions for their use. Then wear them and enjoy! 


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